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from Jacqueline Roth
All his life his family and friends have protected him
from those who
would have seen him tagged and
caged like an animal. Or worse,
exterminated. Now his
secret makes earth mage Evan Forester the
choice for this mission. Find the Wolves and convince
them to
form an alliance with the mage world. But what
he finds among the
Wolves is more than he ever
dreamed possible. The very nature he is
forced to
subdue and hide, they welcome and celebrate.
among these people he finds the one his soul
calls "mate". But if the
alliance fails he will be forced to
choose between the place he calls
home and the one
woman he loves and who loves all that he is, wolf and

Reviews: A+

Nymphs Only:
5 Nymphs
A Coffee Time
Romance 4 Cup
"characters are
fantasic and

A horror and suspense anthology working for a good
cause.  With 20 stories and poems, the proceeds of this
project go to the non-profit organization The Office of
Letters and Light. This organization sponsors writing
programs around the world including The Youth Writing
Program, National Novel Writing Month and Script Frenzy.
From the Dark Side includes the original short fiction from
Jacqueline Roth,
Shadow's Embrace.
Now Available in Print!
Alejandro Ramirez finds himself responsible for a
traumatized Were-Cougar child. When he turns to the
Weres for help, they send him to a human.

Dr. Gabriela St. Jerome knows of the Cougars and
hates them with every fiber of her being. But now she
must swallow that hatred to work with Alejandro to
help a Were child who has been thrown into
transformation far too early by the horrific death of his
mother. As they are forced together in the remote
woods of the North Georgia Mountains, both find their
mutual attraction overwhelming. But i
f Brie gives into
this man and her own passions, it will cost her dearly.
It will cost her her life.
In Sanctuary the Committee controls
everything, food, healthcare, housing,
information and even love. The Committee's
life guides match the single residents for
three-month compatibility assignments.
Everyone gets ten chances to find true love
or at least an acceptable partnership.There
is something special about Leah Bradley.
She has the unique ability to reach out and
really connect with the people in her life, but
if she's so special why is she facing her
seventh assignment? From the moment she
meets James he makes it clear he grants no
one access to his life or, especially, his
heart. Brooding and sad, he carries a
darkness inside him that swallows another
part of him every day. What's worse, he
seems to want it this way. Leah slowly
loses her hope and her heart. But just when
James begins to see Leah the way she truly
is, he's forced to ask himself one question:
Does the Committee really have
happily-ever-after in mind?