The Jewels of Ursus
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The Ursine men are many things a woman wouldn't expect to find walking
through her door or through her dreams. They are tall, gorgeous and
powerful -the consummate lovers. They just happen not to be human.

Mark Ursine and his twin Luke are Weres. Shape-shifters who transform
into large brown Bears, the brothers are the grandsons of the
Amar, the
leader of their clan. Twins reared together, but what they bear for each
other is anything but an abiding fraternal love.

Between these two men, one of whom will one day rule the other, is an
animosity, rivalry and hate that goes back over a century. Neither can
forgive the other nor himself for what took place the night the
hunters-humans sworn to destroy the dark creatures- last raided the
Bears' compound.

Not even Tarris, an incubus rescued from death in his infancy by their
father who is more than brother to them both, can bridge the gap that
separates them. A gap that threatens to erupt into a bloody confrontation.

If the hunters don't kill them, they just might kill each other.
Praise for the Series:

"...the men in this book are to die for...Elyssa Edwards has done
a great job with
Mating Stone. She has written a unique
shapeshifter story that any paranormal fan will enjoy."
                                         -Ashley, Fallen Angel Reviews

Mating Stone... is a wonderful story with humor and sensual
love play. Elyssa Edwards displays a very creative talent in this
surprise saga. Mark is every woman’s dream man, caring,
gorgeous and considerate ...This is a remarkable read that I
                                         -Literary Nymph Reviews Only

[Lovers' Stone] "This was an intriguing twist on the Were
legends, or at least a variety I have never heard before. I really
liked the way the author set polar opposites to attract and be
mated. I really enjoyed the erotic passages and each of them
was well thought out. I love the tenderness and compassion in
this story as well as the passion. Each character's take on what
was happening was thoughtful as well as thought provoking. I
would love it if this story was a little longer, but I guess I'll just
have to wait for the next installment of the story."
                                         - Dawn Epton, ParaNormal Romance

"LOVERS' STONE pairs together two lovers who were
supposed to be enemies and at the same time proves that love
can help conquer any obstacle. It will provide a sensual treat for
paranormal fans."
                                  -Lori, The Romance Reader's Connection

[Soul Stone] is an enjoyably erotic tale of growth, trust, love,
and sacrifice.
                                                            -Bitten by Books
Three men. Three women. Three stones
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