Jacquéline Roth, known to most those who have to put up
with her on a daily basis as Jae, is by passion and profession
a teacher of writing, reading and literature to middle school
students. A writer since childhood, she has had essays
appear in niche publications and spent time as a freelance
writer doing book reviews and author interviews. Fantasy is
an irresistible temptation she embraces and she confesses to
a fascination with Were-creatures, Arthurian legend,
Greek/Roman/Celtic mythos, and Gothic literature.

Though she began writing stories and poems as a young girl,
the realities of life soon managed to bring dreams of being a
writer to a crashing halt. Soon, even scribbling away in her
notebook was put aside.

Until the day Jae discovered fanfiction. Yes, fanfiction. She
soon became a part of a small group of adults working on a
site, one of the oldest and largest of its kind, that encouraged
young writers by giving them a forum to write stories about
their favorite boy wizard.

With the brilliance of her friends, she became one of the
founding members of a workshop community that sought to
encourage each other just as they had once encouraged
children. With the support of this community now known as
The Writer's Critique Circle, Jae began to write original fiction
and with her friends believing in her and her stories (usually
more than she herself) she took a deep breath and began to
explore the possibility of publishing.

After a handful of rejections,
Access Denied (originally titled
Assignment 7) was tucked away with the resolve never to
send it out again. Until 2:30 one morning, after too much cold
medicine and a pep talk from the Crones and one
pseudo-Irishman who was the model for the hero, she took a
deep breath and emailed the first three chapters and
synopsis to Cerridwen Press. The day it was accepted was
the second best day of her life, the first being the day her son
was born.

Jae currently resides in Atlanta, GA, with her beloved and
their son. The human component of her family are seriously
outnumbered by canine and avian members. However, she
has been promised that if she can find a Were or a dragon,
she is allowed to bring it home and keep it.
Welcome to
Jacquéline Roth.com
-It's a strange and crazy little world, but it's mine and it works.