War. His world stands on the precipice and he is the best chance to stop it? All his life his secret has
been protected by his family and friends.  They’ve all protected him from those who would have seen
him tagged and caged like an animal. Or worse, exterminated. Now that very secret makes the earth
mage Evan Forester the perfect choice for this mission. Find the Wolves and convince them to form
an alliance with the mage world.  But what he finds among the Wolves is more than he ever dreamed
possible for himself. The very nature he is forced to subdue and hide, they would welcome and
celebrate. Even more, among these people he finds the one his soul calls “mate”. Still the awful truth
remains, if the alliance fails, he will be forced to choose between the place he calls home and the one
woman he loves and who loves all that he is, wolf and man.
      Reviews for Circle of Wolves

"Jacqueline Roth takes readers deep into the world
of magic as she shares the culture of werewolves.  
What makes this book stand out above other books
in this genre is the depth of the werewolf culture.  
Roth has created her own world and history and
allowed us to peek inside.
" -Deborah Gaynor,
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Jacqueline Roth's Circle of Wolves is a captivating
tale of manipulation, self-discovery and romance
set in a world so intriguing that I was left hoping to
learn more about the world through the eyes of
Evan and Kira. This world of mages and
werewolves in modern times had so many
fascinating details for which I wanted more
backstory, and several secondary characters
whose introduction to the story left me wanting to
learn more of their fates...
" -SW Chapman, eMuse
Circle of Wolves
by Jacquéline Roth
“You don’t often see one of your kind who’s one of them. They’re usually smart enough to stay away from us.
Looks like you’re a slow learner who didn’t learn his lesson the first time.”

Evan saw no need to prevaricate. “As I was only a bit more than a toddler at the time, perhaps you are
correct. I didn’t learn my lesson.” He looked at the dark eyed man. “My name is…”

“Yeah, we know what your name is Evan Forester.” Alexi motioned to his companions to sit. “If you’d planned
on keeping it a secret I must say you did a poor job of it. You must have told half of Europe your name.” Karl
arrived with drinks.

Alexi placed one in front of Evan and smiled. “Now, you have my undivided attention. What exactly do you
want, Evan Forester? Why are you looking for us?”

Evan pushed the drink aside. “I wasn’t aware I was looking for you. But then, I don’t know who you are.”

The brown eyes narrowed again and then reopened as he shrugged carelessly, “Alexi Gregoravitch.” No
hand was offered but Evan hadn’t been expecting it to be. Gregoravitch. It was the name he was looking for.
He had found the heart of the “family”.

The man before him was acting the stereotypical wolf-man, internalizing behaviors of the wolf into his
actions. His eyes challenged Evan for dominance, his posture pressing his advantage and trying to force
Evan into a more submissive role. Evan let him—to a point. If he challenged this man, he could end up back
at square one. If he drew back too far, he might be deemed unworthy of any respect and that could be
outright dangerous.

“I see. Then you’re not who I’m looking for. I have a message to deliver but not to you.” Evan picked up his
cup and drained the last of the now cold liquid.

Alexi’s smile didn’t waver but his eyes darkened. “No kidding. Let me guess. You expect to deliver this
message to Stanislav Gregoravitch personally?”

“That is my intent.”

Alexi laughed out loud. “Do you really think the Alpha of all Wolves would allow your kind to even enter his

“Why not?”

“Because of what you are, you idiot.” The humor was now gone. Alexi was looking at him down his
aristocratic nose. “No curse wolf would be allowed beyond the gate, let alone in my father’s presence. No,
my little friend, you’re not getting near him.”

“Curse wolf?”

Alexi laughed at him again. Evan felt his patience slipping. He was used to snips and jibes that were meant
to be good-natured but often came out cutting and harsh. Years of friendship with Marcus McClendon, the
circle’s fire mage who had all the spark and danger of his element, had taught him to deal with that. But the
lack of concern for feelings, the true and utter disregard for how his words would be received, made this
man’s comments different. He was speaking to him as if he was talking to a lower form of life. The way
members of the conclave spoke about the dark creatures they believed they had the right to contain or
destroy upon the slightest whim.

“You don’t know what a curse wolf is?” His companions were guffawing. When Evan ignored him, Alexi
pushed one of the glasses toward him again. “Come now. Drink with us and maybe I’ll see what I can do.”

Evan knew there was no intention in this wolf-man to help him at all. Perhaps, though, he could get more
information out of him. Evan picked up the glass hoping there’d been enough time for the Babel Potion to
enter his blood before this alcohol hit his system. He watched the other men slam back the contents of the
glass and followed suit.

And began to gag. Sputtering he tried to ignore the uproar of laughter coming from the other men.
he thought, that was smooth.

“Sorry,” Alexi’s eyes glinted wickedly, “should have warned you. Karl makes this stuff in the back room. It’s
not exactly safe for human consumption.” The eyes narrowed. “But then that’s not really a problem for some
of us is it.”

Evan wasn’t sure he heard correctly. What ever this stuff was he had just voluntarily poisoned himself with
was churning in his stomach. Alexi pushed a second glass toward him and gave him his most charming
smile. “Go on. The second one isn’t as bad. You might want to take this one more slowly, though.”

Unable to believe his own stupidity, Evan lifted the glass and swallowed. He didn’t gag this time or choke.
Outwardly anyway. He put the empty glass down. “Look Alexi,” he saw the other man’s eyes widen and his
mouth compress tightly. He had said something wrong but wasn’t sure what it was.

“That’s Mr. Gregoravitch to you, pup-eater,” growled one of the other men. His light eyes seemed lifeless
and cold as they glared at Evan.

“It’s all right, Ivan,” Alexi’s smile was back. “I don’t think he understands the reality of things. Perhaps we
simply need to explain a few things to him.”

“If by that you mean to beat me senseless hoping I’ll absorb the information from your fists, I assure you it
won’t work and it might prove more difficult than you are imagining at the moment. It would be much more
effective if one of you just told me what you’re talking about. What is a curse wolf? What do you mean my
kind? And what is a pup-eater?” Evan felt the effects of the drink warming his veins.

Alexi laughed and shoved another drink in front of him. “I think we shall have a long talk, my new little friend.”